Cooped Up, Time, Life

Do you consider yourself cooped up? Sometimes it feels that way during the day for me. Here’s what’s up in my world.


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Un-flossed & Forgetful

Two things that have always been a struggle for me: flossing and reading my Bible (regularly). Flossing is just something I forget but think about often. Even while brushing my teeth I’ll be like ya know… I should really floss this time. Do I? NOPE. Occasionally, I’ll get struck with motivation and take out the handy…

GROCERY ADVENTURES: Episode 2: Preparation and Motivation

We meet again – at the corner of motivation and dreams. Do I want to cook? Not really because I never have and it’s something I seriously avoid and everyone knows this. Seriously, everyone knows. The only cooking I do is with small appliances like toaster, toaster oven, and the microwave. Wow, thank the Lord…