Free Food and Motivation

Food is delicious, we all agree. Free food is probably even more delicious.

At some point, you’ve been given food at an event or other. It could have been not so great and you thought “Well, at least it’s free.” Other times it was probably, oh… I dunno… Jesus Food, AKA Chick-fil-a. *shrug* ‘Nough said.

What if you just attended that event for the free food??? It could have been the most boring meeting and you were like, again, “At least the food was good/At least there was food.”

Why are we so drawn to free food? Even people who have no trouble putting food on the table are victims (recipients 🙂 ) of free food!! See below meme.

As I was thinking about this blog post, I was like this will be a cool post just to throw in, it doesn’t really have a connection to the Word of God…

I got it.

So, just as people are drawn to free food and get a false motivation to go to something they probably don’t want to, many people may have a false motivation to do good works because there’s a “free” (not so free…) guarantee of making it into heaven.

Unfortunately, this belief is false/not possible/wrong. It’s impossible to do enough good works to be made righteous, right, holy or good enough to make it into heaven on that alone. You have to believe in Jesus Christ, believe that He is God’s son and the King above all others.

In Romans 11, it says that God’s kindness is not given by our good works. God’s grace is free and undeserved.

We should do good works because of what God has done and how we are shaped by spending time in His word and talking to Jesus. God’s plan is for His chosen people to be like His son, Jesus. We were made in His image after all.

So God created human beings in his own image.

Genesis 1:27

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