Un-flossed & Forgetful

Two things that have always been a struggle for me: flossing and reading my Bible (regularly).

Flossing is just something I forget but think about often. Even while brushing my teeth I’ll be like ya know… I should really floss this time. Do I? NOPE. Occasionally, I’ll get struck with motivation and take out the handy dandy floss. FLOSS AWAY. I feel some level of guilt too. I know that my teeth and gums deserve better than a good brushing two to three times a day. THEY DESERVE SOME FLOSSAGE. Plus, there’s always those dental appointments that I’m reminded what a lousy human I am – “You need to floss regularly/more,” says the dentist or hygienist. I know, I know, I know.

Reading my bible is another thing I forget but think about often. It’s like one of those things where I know that I’d have many benefits from, but I have all these (bad and irrelevant) excuses about. When I read in His word, I feel closer to God, I’m reminded of His power in every situation and that I don’t have to try so hard to be in control of my circumstances. Sometimes I’ll flip through and land at a passage and read something and get something new out of it. Like wow, I never noticed that happened or I didn’t realize it meant that. Others times between Sunday School lessons and personal readings, I can find similarities or stories that tie into each other and I’m amazed at how things work that just seem impossible.

I went to the dentist at the end of November. Since then I’ve started flossing regularly (like ALMOST once a day! Wow, I know, right??) as well as going to Bible Study Fellowship. At BSF I have something to read out of His word everyday. Some days I don’t get to it but I catch up the next day and I have questions to answer. It’s really helped me to open my Bible more regularly and learn more about characteristics of God. It also helps me feel productive. For a while now, I’ve felt really not motivated, drained, and wore out with life (even though I barely do anything outside of work). Having something to do that helps me get motivated and renews my soul while also knowing that I’m learning still because I’ve missed school has brightened my life. And flossing has surely brightened my smile! #cheesy

If you happened to follow my Instagram (@notyourseason) you probably saw my recent post about my reminder board (that’s what I call it) that said READ YOUR BIBLE, FLOSS, STAY TUBULAR. This blog post is it’s reference I’ve been working on. Yes, I know I’m the only one who still uses tubular as a regular word 🙂

Improvements in the areas of: flossing and reading my bible. Continuation of: staying tubular.

What are your thoughts on this?

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