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Blog Update! Not too important but fun stuff happening that I’m excited about. If you ever have a suggestion, please let me know either by survey, contact form, or email!

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Just what’s new in my life. Click on this blog post to be nosey… jk lol

Upcoming Biblical Blogging

Some days you hear something you’ve heard many times in your life, but it hits you a different way. It’s as if what I’ve overlooked is being brightened by a spotlight and it’s all I see. Tonight, this happened to me. Last year, I had started the Biblical Thoughts category because I felt called to…

Christmas 2017 Recap!

I am currently on “winter break,” that short 3 to 4 week break from classes in between the fall and spring semesters? Yeah, THAT thing. It’s going pretty well! Speeding by though… So here we are at the 26th of December and my life is consisting of Hallmark Christmas movies (plus some random ion television…

Subscribe to My Blog Today!

Since I’m new to the blogging world… I just discovered how you can subscribe to my blog! On any page you are on, you’ll find a spot on the sidebar (if you’re on a desktop) or about the middle of the page (if you’re on a mobile device) that will allow you to subscribe via…