Bible Study Fellowship (BSF)

Yesterday was the first meeting (for my time and location) of BSF! I’ve been looking forward to getting back into it since… MAY when it ended before summer break. It was great. Other than my tiny embarrassing story 🤦🏻‍♀️

The Scoop…

Two truths and a lie. That’s the game that embarrassed me. How is that even possible? It’s literally just talking about yourself. Well 😁 if you’re me, I don’t like introducing myself or talking about myself. Anyway, I’m sitting there thinking through what I want to say and I right down my three things. Its my turn and I say my scoop of information and then they’re trying to pick and by the third try… do you see where this is going yet??? No, because no one would have predicted this outcome!!! After thinking through a LIE… I couldn’t even right it down to SAY so I had three TRUTHS and NO LIE. Serious *facepalm* moment! So there’s that little scoop…

Back to business…

BSF’s theme this year is called Unstoppable. WHY? Because God is unstoppable, that’s WHY. It was really encouraging, just that reminder of all the examples and ways that God is unstoppable.

God is unstoppable.

His plan is unstoppable.

Every prophecy in the Bible is unstoppable.

God’s plan, when we think there’s NO WAY… is unstoppable. It still comes to fruition. It’s real. It’s gonna happen. We can count on God.


Isn’t that cool? He is the ultimate hero, the only hero. He will always come through. That’s something we can count on in this world when everything else is uncertain, changing, and/or ending.

This song immediately came to mind!

I hope you finish this week with this reminder: that God is unstoppable and nothing we do will change His plans or His will. He can be counted on to carry us through til the end.

I’ll just think that my little hiccup with the two truths and a lie game was part of God’s plan too. *shrug*

What are your thoughts on this?

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