Flea Markets


Are there fleas at the flea market?


When I was little, I thought a flea market was not a very good place to go. Obviously… there are fleas.

We started going to one flea market every so often for a while and it was kind of random, but I think it was because it was right by the race track my dad would race go karts at with his company. Pretty fun days!

To this day, I can’t think of a flea market without thinking about fleas. How dare they use such vocabulary.

Thanks Google.

I don’t understand how the English came up with flea market, but that’s just how it is and it’s a pretty lame excuse that doesn’t help me get over my flea problems here!

Do you have any words like this? Does “flea market” bring about the same train of thought as me?

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  1. Lol, Thanks for the chuckle! 😂

    1. Summer says:

      You’re welcome! Lol

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