One Day Off

So I blogged yesterday, very briefly, about my Scentsy life. I mentioned that I took the day off to relax, read…

What I actually did was organize my Scentsy stuff, plan some stuff for the rest of the month, clean and organize my room. Not to mention that I broke a nail during a very frustrating moment in my day.

That frustrating moment? Let me tell you.

So at that point, I had my room just about where I wanted it. This was evening, about 7pm. I decide to move around the setup of my home office – which is moving my laptop in between the desktop monitors instead of having it hidden off to the right of all my other things. It was really simple. Right? Yes, let me tell you it was!!

It was working fine, the move was pretty easy, it kept beeping at me, but nothing was unplugged. Everything was fine. I was fine.

Things were not fine.

After a few seconds, nothing would work. The monitors wouldn’t come on. The docking station for the laptop wouldn’t turn on. Why?

To this very moment, I do not know what was wrong. Nothing makes sense.

I thought it was the outlet I was plugging it all into – which doesn’t make sense since it was working fine earlier. Made even less sense when everything else was working with that outlet when I tested it.

But I moved the docking station to the living room and it worked in there!

I finally moved it back to my room and did what I did in the living (nothing special or anything.. simply plugging it in, putting the laptop on the docking station and pressing the power button 😅🤣) and it worked. Why? How?

In all the shuffling of equipment in the living room, I broke a nail. I’m fine, but my broken nail kills my vibe. Look at these hands! I grew those nails myself! It’ll grow back.

My grandma told me to glue it back on. 😲

The frustrating part of this was me taking the day off of work to relax and do some things I’ve been pushing off, only to have to be challenged by technology unnecessarily. 😃

The end result was worth it, though. I think I’m really going to enjoy the setup now.

The day overall was pretty tubular. I got some really good organizing and cleaning up done in my room. We saw a lot of snow fall outside. I never got out to shovel some snow, but whatevs. It’s still there! I got only a few pages read… like two. I’ll recover and try to read more today. 🙂

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  1. So sorry about your nail. You do have nice nails. Mine are always shorter than your broken one. Lol. I am glad in the end everything was fine. I like how you reassure yourself and us – “It’s fine. Everything is fine.” I need to keep that in mind when I tend to get frustrated over something minor. I like the R2D2 on your desk!

    1. Summer says:

      This is the longest they’ve gotten in a while without breaking so I guess it was just time. Lol
      I say “it’s fine, I’m fine, everything is fine” a lot for someone who is not fine sometimes 🤣 but it does help me I think, so now I’m in the habit of telling myself that.
      Thank you! It’s my Scentsy warmer I got on clearance a couple of months ago. 😍

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