RibCrib Traumas

It was a fine Friday evening. My day was normal, worked my half day and then had lunch with a friend, went shopping and bought books I didn’t need (I mean I did because I’ll read them, but… do I have the room? Am I reading fast enough? No…. ) and then had to go to the post office again.

Later, my family and I picked up my mom’s truck from the mechanic and we were hungry so we stopped at RibCrib on the way home. I instantly got excited when I remembered the enchiladas they started having. I’M GETTING THOSE, I thought.

I literally THOUGHT.

They were kind of busy in there so as we waited, I had made up my mind. My heart was set on enchiladas. BUT THEY WERE NO LONGER ON THE MENU. 🥺

When our server came to the table, I asked him and he said they don’t have them anymore.

The actual sadness.

I knew… I knew that they were for a limited time, but why didn’t I know they’d be gone so soon?

“Okay, we’ll I guess I’ll just settle for my second favorite. I’ll get the Super Spud.”

“Unfortunately, we ran out of spuds today.”

*sadness intensifies*

All my first world problems collided for quite an unfortunate trauma.

The server left with our drink order while I got myself together and figured out what I wanted to eat from the rest of the menu.

When he returned, I settled for the Smoky Chicken Griller. Very good and good enough to satisfy my hunger, obviously.

Here’s some memes I made about the occasion.

***Some aspects of this story have been dramatized and not meant to be taken seriously***

What restaurant traumas such as this have you experienced lately? Please comment and tell me… I’m not alone.

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  1. I am sorry! So disappointing! This isn’t exactly the same thing. But something that came to mind was this – the last two times I went through the chic-fil-a drive thru, they forgot to give me chic-fil-a sauce, and I didn’t realize it until I got home. 😱

    1. Summer says:

      That has happened to me as well! 🥺

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