Bookworm Probs

My weakness? Books. My bigger weakness? Book sales. An even biggest weakness of mine? 50% off kind of book sales.

It doesn’t matter how much money I DON’T have. I’m buying books.

It doesn’t matter that I have a shelf FULL at home already TBR. I’m buying books.

It doesn’t matter that I’m running out of room on my FOUR BOOKCASES to shelve more books.


The solution?


I need a far away vacation with only the books I have on my TBR shelf and all I do on my vacation is read read read until my eyes burn!!!

So why am I typing this?

Im typing this because I just bought some more books at Barnes and Nobles’ Blowout sale which means HALF OFF OF BOOKS AND YOU GET A FREE TOTE BAG WITH PURCHASE OF AT LEAST THREE BOOKS. So not to say I got three books or anything but I did get a free tote bag. There ya go, evidence.

The struggle is real… and so is my problem! 🙂

What are your thoughts on this?

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