Summer’s World – The Start of November 2021

This month has been full of surprises, adventures, good time and good people.

>>> so I’m sorry for the long post that could have been separated into separate posts but WHY <<<

I’ve been meaning to blog all this past weekend, but with reading goals that are kind of ridiculous (really only ridiculous to non-book nerds tbh…), trying to finish work items, hockey games and bible study lesson, it got pushed further and further on my to do list.

I got the above message this morning from WordPress and I thought I really needed to get serious about making a post this week. As you can see… I finally accomplished something other than reading or working. 😎

More on books later in the post though… OF COURSE.

Scentsy Life Update

I’ve honestly been slacking on my Scentsy biz. Life’s gotten busy, my priorities changed I guess and the industry picked up so I’m swamped with work things and at times it’s just really stressful. Other than all the meme material…

All that being said, I’ve made a goal, putting forth an honest effort, to promote Scentsy in my own way. I’ve started scheduling my posts for the whole month of November and I’m almost done with the whole month. I love the creative and fun, interactive posts in my VIP group – it brings me such joy to see people commenting, reacting and just sharing about themselves on the non Scentsy posts. I like having a group that has come together over something that I can share with and just have fun with. If it makes a sale, great, if not, I hope that the joy and my heart has shown through my posts. It is what it is.

Not my photo – this is from a consultant group but it’s gorgeous!!

This month, in my own Scentsy subscription, I’ll be getting a Whiff Box. One of my all time favorite items from Scentsy. I really want one every month! But I get it quarterly (for now…). That box is pictured above and it’s going to have some great stuff this month: a fragrance flower and counter cleaner, Scentsy bars and a scent circle. It’s such a great value and mine is my half off item so it’s even cheaper. It’s like a surprise box every time it ships unless you get a sneak peak. 😎 Most months it’s a total surprise, but I found out early. My mom gets one of these this month as well! Scentsy life all around here.

That Bookworm Life Though…

How often do I post and not talk about a book in some way???

Don’t answer that… LOL

November MAY be another big reading month for me. I’ve already finished two books this month – as I type this, I’ve just finished that second book and starting my third. It’s November 8th.

Do you know what I’m excited for later this month?


Im taking vacation days to sit at home. And read.

Will this result in a book read each day? We shall see… I hope so. LOL but I’m not counting on it, to be honest. Something always happens on my days off, never fails.

Pictured above is a cool moon in a hand that my sister got me last Christmas. It’s so stinking cool, in a picture and in person. It has two light settings, one white and one like an off white (pictured). I randomly took this and posted it on Instagram the other day with my Julie Klassen books in the background. I’m waiting on her next book to release!! DECEMBER CAN’T COME FAST ENOUGH. It’s been preordered and I keep checking my order status as if it’s magically going to release earlier…

More pictures of all my favorites because I reorganized my book cases a bit. I have FOUR bookcases in my room. Full. To the brim.

Did I mention I just ordered more?

Oh, a fun story. Ha.

So I had this rebate card from my vision plan when I bought new glass frames over the summer. I kept forgetting to use it and I was going to use it on something to use the whole $50, preferably something I didn’t really want to spend that much on, but needed to. KEPT FORGETTING TO USE THE CARD. Books fit that category right? Exactly.

So I placed an order for books (finally) on Amazon for the amount over $50 thinking it would prompt me to put in a second form of payment. Nah. Not the case.

It declined and so I just cancelled it.

I ordered books under $50 so it would go through. It went through. Everything was fine.

I used the remainder at B&N the next day. Don’t @ me. Lol

I forgot to mention I also ordered books from because #sale.

The items started shipping from Amazon and I looked after I received the first package and noticed… the card didn’t go through!! What even. They charged my card on file instead? Why. Why even.

So now I’ve got books from everywhere and I still managed to have most of my card money leftover.

Which brings me to my next photo.

Yes. Good ole Mardel. One of my favorite places of all time.

I bought quite a few $5 books, a $10 book and a regular priced book that ended up being on sale when I got to the register.

I even got Mere Christianity by C S Lewis!!! I’ve been wanting to read it forever!

The rebate MasterCard went through there so all is well in the world and I’m happy.

Back to the picture above though – my mom was driving and Gma was in the front passenger seat so of course, lil ole me was in the back. I strapped in my treasures and took a picture my mom later posted on Facebook to show what a dork I am.

This picture? Definitely me. As much as I’m a saver, I’m also (obviously) a sucker for a book purchase. So while I’m paying off my only debt left (student loans), I’m also over here buying up all the books I can’t possibly read fast enough.

The estate sales I went to Saturday were not fruitful, where books were concerned. One house had what I think were quite a few books, but they had the audacity to cover them up with large sheets of paper and put a sign that said “not for sale” on it. Ugh. Literally my reason for being at the sale, but okay. 🙂

Hockey Life

My hockey life is back in full swing!! We had our first home game after the home opener mishap and we won!! It was a great time. The first game was Thursday, November 4th. Even though we won and it was a good game, it was not that exciting. Due to it being a Thursday, there weren’t that many people in attendance.

We had back to back games on Saturday and Sunday also. What a game Saturday’s was!! The Tulsa Oilers whooped some serious tail in front of a a huge crowd. Historically, a large crowd leaves the BOK Center with sadness because the team tends to lose for some reason. It makes the rest of the season more likely to have high attendance when there’s a winning team. Not that fair, but that’s the way it goes.

Sunday our home team lost, but not without a good fight. It was a great weekend overall.

Raceway Photos Posted!!

The raceway park finally posted the photos from the night I went to Test N Tune this past week! This is the best photo so I’ve included it here. It was such a great time. Im glad to have these memories to look back on.

Matthew 6 Message Meme

At BSF this past week, we had our lecture over Matthew 6 that we had just read over the week prior and answered the questions.

Our lecturer is hilarious sometimes and she was on a roll over Matthew 6 which talks about doing good things, prayer, fasting, storing up treasures and anxiety.

It was at the beginning of lecture I guess when this meme popped in my head based on what she said. It may have been this exact thing or basically so.

I don’t know if my first reaction any more is to post on social media… especially not the good I do? I don’t know if that’s my heart though. I’ve just taken a step back from social media (maybe not IG stories 😅) compared to several years ago when I’d post multiple times a day on every social media channel. How did I have the time, I think now. So maybe if I still did that as a natural outlet, maybe I’d feel more convicted by this, I don’t know.

It reminded me of the people who post every single thing they do and post about donating or how they helped someone. It’s the heart that matters, not the act itself. How and by whom are you being rewarded?

Anyway, I just thought it was humorous and relevant in a social media driven world.

Thanks for reading my random blurbs of life updates. I hope to blog again soon!!

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  1. I’m sorry that I’m late to the party. I saw you post this but didn’t have time to read when you initially posted. And then I forget!! 🙁 But I was just thinking about starting a Julie Klassen book (The Bridge to Belle Island), which made me think of you since you introduced me to this author. And then I remembered that I never read this post!! 😱 So here I am! You cracked me up a few times. I especially loved that you talked about Julie Klassen in this post and said that you kept checking on your preorder. Lol. And I enjoyed all the other updates too. Thanks for sharing. It was fun to hear all that you’ve been up to! 🤗

    1. Summer says:

      Again, I can’t wait to add another Julie Klassen book to my shelf next month! 😂 I’m so excited!
      Thanks for coming back! Lol 😃 ☺️☺️

  2. Lol “How did I have the time?” I wonder about people who post so much, and since we all have the same 24 hours each day, I guess what you do is an indication of your priorities. Some seasons of life priority is children. Or school. Or job. I suspect these people that are constantly posting about their good deeds could probably do a lot more good deeds if they stopped taking time out to post an update. 😏😥
    P.S. since reading seems to be a big part of your life in this season, I would love to send you a set of my fictional trilogy, “Awakening,” or my nonfiction, “BARRIERS (So, if prayers are so powerful, how come mine don’t get answered?)”

    1. Summer says:

      That’s so true! I’m guilty of making fiction reading a priority (because it’s easy…) over other things. I get sucked in and don’t really want out! So true.
      That would be cool! Thank you ☺️

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