Beep Boop Beep

If you didn’t get the title reference, you’re me like 2 days ago!

Just kidding… I don’t even know what it means yet.

If it means anything at all… *confused*

I’ll soon be starting the Star Wars Trilogy of books. I’ve had these collectible books for years now… (I know… why? Why do I have them and also, why have I not read books that I bought? I ask myself these questions daily.)

With the access to the movies (that I’m not as interested in as reading) and my “need” to be a bit more nerdy in life, AND my purchase of my R2-D2 warmer… Why not read the books, right?

Star Wars books I own

I’ll be reading the Star Wars trilogy first and then reading the Han Solo trilogy after.

My new Scentsy warmer that I got for $45 instead of the $75 original price thanks to clearance sectionnnnnnnn.

If you’re a Star Wars nerd, I’d love to know! Just don’t ask me questions 😃

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  1. I am not a Star Wars nerd. But my sister surely is. Let us know how you like the books!

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