Reading Moments of September

We’re at the end of another month! September went by so fast… without much reading getting done. At my company, it’s year end and being in accounting means I’m BUSY.

I feel like I have this goal in my head of how many I should read a month (it’s at least 4 if you must know) and it doesn’t always happen. Preferably, I’d like to have time on the weekends to start and finish a whole (fairly small I guess) book (yes, fiction), but does that happen? Not often enough!

Anyway, it’s officially autumn and while some leaves are starting to change, the weather is growing less hot and more wintry… While this is all great for me – I love the leaves turning, the leaves flying in the air as they descend to the ground and of course hockey – it also means I’m just as busy. With hockey (I have season tickets this year) on the horizon, my schedule will be full. I normally go to most of the games anyway, but now I’ll probably go to more since I don’t have to worry about buying tickets.

Oh well. It happens. Did I mention that I’m at 49/50 books of my reading goal for the year?? Surely I can finish by the end of the year… such lofty goals I’ve set!

Here’s what I was able to finish this month!

The Whisper In Wind by Rachael Bloome


Rachael Bloome is one of those authors that when they drop a book online, you’re all over it – ordered and delivered in a week!

This is her sixth book in the Poppy Creek series. If you’ve been following along, I think I’ve read like one or two of her books a month for the past few months!

I’m in her group on Facebook and I know she’s currently working on the next story! She also always includes like a glimpse at what to expect in the next book in her last book so I’m pretty excited!! My fingers are ready to order her next Amazon read.

The Attributes of God (vol. 1) by A W Tozer


I really enjoyed Tozer’s writing – and now I’m onto volume 2. 😏

This is the book, maybe you remember, that I read with a couple of ladies from my church. We had some good discussions and giggles over Tozer. Sometimes his analogies or references are just funny.

The book (this one and volume 2) are actually comprised of his sermons and sometimes that comes through, but mostly, his sermons were perfect for a written format! Each book contains a study guide in the back – a personal study that really just summarizes in a detailed way of what Tozer has already said. There’s also a group study that has discussion prompts and questions. These seemed more for like maybe a youth group setting, personally, but I think we got some good thoughts from it anyway. We can all be youthful, right!?

This volume talked about these attributes of God:

  • Infinite
  • Immense
  • Good
  • Just
  • Merciful
  • Gracious
  • Omnipresent
  • Immanent
  • Holy
  • Perfect

Here are some quotes from the book:

…all that is beneath God will not satisfy us.

This is the greatest calamity for a human soul: to be made in the image of God, with a spirit so big that it can contain the universe, and you cry for more.

Would go to put up with us this long if He had only a limited amount of grace? If He had only a limited amount of anything, He wouldn’t be God.

Anybody can see that if the quality of our religion is impaired while we are nevertheless extending it to more people, we are losing instead of gaining.

I’m looking forward to learning more about God’s attributes in Volume 2 and sharing more with you soon.

Colors of Truth by Tamera Alexander


Another great read by one of my faves!!

Set at the end of the civil war, there were still many struggles and inequalities to overcome during that time. Throughout all of that, so many characters had hope and some grew to have the faith to endure and overcome. It was a good read!

This was #2 in the Carnton series. (#3 on my shelves though, because Christmas at Carnton is like a novella that introduces the series, so I view that as #1).

Happy reading and happy autumn! ❤️🍁🍂

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  1. I love hearing what books you read… except that you make me want to run out and buy more books! LOL. I have never read anything by Rachael Bloome, but I might have to start now. And I really do want to get the Tozer books that you mentioned. I finished more books in September than August. However, some were audio and I don’t always feel I get as deep into them when they are audio. And for nonfiction I fear I don’t get as much out of them. Sometimes it is just that I feel the need to “finish” a book so my heart isn’t always in it. So I need a better process. Either only audio for fiction or if I do nonfiction, only allow myself to listen to little snippets at a time so that I can digest what was said. Anyway, these are the books that I finished in September: The Secret of Pembrooke Park by Julie Klassen. I have never read anything by her before but this was so great. So many twists and turns! The 28-Day Prayer Journey by Chrystal Evans Hurst. Really great book if you want to deepen your prayer life. The Dream of You by Jo Saxton. A good book that helps us to recover our true identity in Jesus. This Time Around which is three novellas by Denise Hunter, Melissa Ferguson, and Kathleen Fuller. You are probably familiar with this one since you are a Denise Hunter fan. Cute stories. And Hugs for Coffee Lovers. Contains 7 short stories all revolving around coffee. Cute book. 📚

    1. Summer says:

      LOL read future blog posts with caution 😂😂

      Rachael Bloome is amazing! You’d love her writing!

      I can only ever listen to fiction audibly. I need to read and sometimes reread parts of nonfiction to digest it – so I get your struggle!

      I LOVE JULIE KLASSEN. I have all of her books. So I’ve already read that one you mentioned. Haha. She just let her fans know that pre-orders are now available for her book releasing in December 😍 I’m deciding if I want to preorder from her site, Amazon or B&N LOL

      I love the books with multiple stories in them like that 🥺 I’ll have to look into that one.

      1. Lol yes I will have to read future posts with caution! Ok I will definitely have to check out Rachael Bloome now! I am glad you understand my struggles!! And thanks for the tip on Julie Klassen. I will look into her new book now. I hope you can figure out which place to order from! Another struggle in a reader’s life. LOL. 😂😜

  2. Summer says:

    Yay!! Lol let me know what you think ☺️

    Struggles only fellow readers know lol

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