Dreams & Plans

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about dreams and how silly dreams can be. Dreams in general are helpful in achieving things and for me, it gives me something to work toward. I work best when I have a list or dates to check off or get to.

Dreams are only silly because these dreams we have for ourselves or the life we want aren’t always, and frequently not, what God has in store for us.

Is this intentional?

God has a plan for our lives. We’re the ones that don’t adhere to His plans and we make selfish choices. His plan is still good and He restores all things the way He sees fit, in His timing and He brings His plan to fruition – regardless of how sinful we are.

When we’re close to God and allow the Holy Spirit to guide us, our dreams can come closer to what God has for us in the first place.

Imagine having dreams that aren’t so self-centered and bring glory to God!

Not all dreams are self-centered and we can have dreams that give glory to God, but I think the intention of dreams – at least for me in my life – has been self-centered and what I want – not really what God has for His children.

I dream a lot in recent years of having my own home. I’ve actually dreamed of designing my own home since kindergarten, but now I’m an adult and I still don’t have my own place. How disappointed do you think I am? It hasn’t been in God’s timing and I’m chugging along toward this dream that sometimes seems so far away.

That’s just one example.

I’ve been thinking about dreams and how, even though they haven’t been fulfilled (yet), I can and should still have joy because of my walk with God.

Isn’t He sufficient?

In BSF this semester, we are taking a journey through the book of Matthew. Our title for the series is “The Unexpected King.”

Our first week we were in chapter 1 where Mary and Joseph have been told Mary is pregnant with a baby boy who they’ll name Jesus.

Mary was only a teenager, maybe 12-13?? She was engaged to be married and I learned that at that time, an engagement was a time before they were living together but to “break-up” an engagement would need a divorce! Very different from the “norm” of this age, or at least our Western culture.

At her age, she surely had some idea of what her life would be like with Joseph. I’m sure she had dreams. Being pregnant before marriage was not part of her plans, yet her obedience to say “Okay” and just do as the Lord asked is admirable.

  1. When does a teen obey so easily??
  2. Why do adults have a hard time with this kind of obedience to this day??

I feel like even in a story I’ve heard and read so many times, I’m finding application to myself in it still. I see, not Mary’s exact circumstances, but her opportunity for obedience and selflessness that she claimed. I have that right now, too.

What I can take away from Mary in this passage that we know, is that God’s plan comes before and prevails over ours. He provides opportunities along our journey to just obey and so many times we miss the mark because we’re not paying attention or we’re so caught up in our own things.

How are you obeying God this week in the opportunities He’s laid before you? Will you join me in practicing putting aside selfish ambitions and living for Him?

Thanks for reading.❤️

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