It was on aisle C22

It was in the evening, on a walk through Target aisles, searching for their weed-b-gone section, that we happened upon an unfortunate incident.

It was rather sad, seeing what we did.

It was random, actually, seeing no one around.

The scene was indicative of a lost driver on a scooter. Whether that driver was a human or the stuffed Spider-Man is yet to be determined.

What could have caused such a thing to happen???

“Grandma, we didn’t stage this! It was just there!” I exclaimed after showing her the evidence.

The incident?

Happening upon this comical scene was something! No one was around and we were just laughing, wondering how this happened. LOL

Whether your Saturday or weekend lands you face down in prayer or face down in exhaustion… (hopefully not run over by a scooter though 😳)… I hope it’s as enjoyable as writing this little post was for me.

Have a good one!!

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  1. Mrs. Curry says:

    Now, that is funny. 🤣

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