Do You Drink Tap Water?

Do you drink tap water? Why or why not?

Me? I don’t drink tap water (usually). I don’t have (much of) anything against tap water, but I prefer something labeled “natural spring water.” It may be a bottle of water that’s filled with tap water at a warehouse – but do I know that? I believe in natural spring water. I also believe that not all water tastes the same.

Have you ever had Dasani and then had Aquafina?

I’ll fill you in – Dasani doesn’t taste as good.

My grandma pretty much only ever gets Nestle brand water. When it’s not available, she settles for Ozarka. That Walmart brand? No way.

I’ve gotten pretty used to Nestle water at this point. Their caps are also nice. The Walmart brand water bottles have a tiny cap and it doesn’t go back on very well sometimes (may be user error – who knows) and I use Arbonne Energy Fizz Sticks daily so a good sturdy cap on the bottle is important (if you’ve shaken that up before, you know what I mean). If not, the lid will explode off and hit something or someone.

Back to tap water –

If I’m at someone’s house and they drink tap water, I assume they’re sane human beings and know a thing or two about their tap system. If they have a filter on their kitchen faucet, that’s a bonus. In these cases, I’d drink that tap water.

I can’t remember the last time I had tap water though so it’s been months.

Tap water usually has chemicals in it that, in small amounts, aren’t that harmful and trusting the water authorities who regularly monitor such things, should be safe to consume. Do I trust this 100%? No.

Sometimes I think about tap water and how much we could save by using it rather than that Nestle water… and then I think about tap water and how much better that Nestle water tastes.

Other times, I just think how much better the world may be without all the plastic.

Are you fearless? Do you drink tap water? *gasp*

Respond in the comments!

Thanks for reading some light, unimportant reading in the midst of this chaotic world full of conflict. I hope you have a great Friday.

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  1. I don’t mind drinking tap water and do so a lot. But more often I use the filter on our faucet and / or drink bottled water. Yes different water does taste different. We have been getting the store brand purified water which is probably just glorified tap water. lol. But spring water is good too. I don’t like Aquafina or Dasani. They taste like they have metal or something in them to me. 🤷‍♀️

    1. Summer says:

      My family has always had bottled water so it’s just the life I know at this point. Lol
      Dasani definitely tastes like something is in it to me, too!

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