Emails Signal A Hit To Budget

Alright y’all… have you signed up for emails from your favorite authors? You know I have!

So far, I’ve only signed up for emails for Julie Klassen and Denise Hunter (that I know of…). I get their emails every so often. If there’s more, they may be infrequent. Like I want to say I have Debbie Macomber as well, but I don’t remember getting her emails – I see her on IG all the time though so maybe not.

This morning, I received an email from Denise Hunter and the subject line alone told me all I need to know.

(Of the winners in her giveaway, I was not one of them)

Did you see that? A new series. A new SERIES. Ugh.

My budget groaned just reading that (again).

My bookcases may also be groaning as well.

I have hundreds of books sitting, stacked and jammed onto four bookcases. If they could talk, they’d tell me to cool it on buying books that takes years to read (not true because I’ve read almost 50 in 9 months but okay!), or that I need to just have a house with built in shelves going forward (thanks, I plan on it), OR that maybe I need to box some of these books up so my shelves look more presentable (not a bad idea, but not gonna happen).

Not only do I not have all of Denise Hunter’s books yet, but she’s coming out with a new series that will of course need to be added to my growing collection.

Thank you Denise Hunter for adding joy and new books to my life (and TBR list).

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  1. I also received Denise’s email this morning. I love the idea of built in shelves. Every home needs a library. But to be honest, as much as I love real books, I also hate clutter and “stuff.” So I have moved to ebooks for the most part. But that still doesn’t help with the budget factor. As a matter of fact, I think for me it is worse. I am quicker to buy an ebook than a real book. Perhaps because I can’t physically touch it, it doesn’t quite register as buying something? But alas my credit card takes the toll 😬 Anyway, I have preordered the first book in Denise’s new series (ebook that is). And I do get several other authors’ emails. But like you, I don’t know who all I am signed up for. Denise is one who is consistent with her emails though.

  2. Summer says:

    I feel ya!! I can’t wait to have a library one day in my home 😃😃😃
    I should read more ebooks, but it’s so hard. Then I’m just on my phone… and there’s just something about having the phone out away and just sitting and reading.

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