Bent Out Of Shape – My Amazon Order

I don’t normally have a whole lot of complaints with Amazon orders. I don’t know if I ever have… honestly. I’m not really sure what to do with my most recent (possibly only) complaint.

I received three books (one is a Rachael Bloome book that appeared in yesterday’s blog post on my August reads!) and one of them is upsetting me and one is a surprise weight.

Let’s start with my frustration so I can end on a happy note here… haha

Let me start with how much I love Denise Hunter and how much I wanted this book to almost complete my collection of her books (I’m still short!! Well, in her books and in real life). So this is really a blow to my whole life right now.

It looks fine in the above photo, BUT….

See 🙁

Complete sadness.

Mind you this is even after I’ve had it for over a week (pretty much two!) and I put this book under other heavy books. Did it work? No. This is NOW. Ugh.

What do I do? Do I send it back? Do I hold onto it and hope to find a better copy at some point and replace it?

I cannot even right now. Looking at it literally makes me sad.

Am I a perfectionist? Yes.

I’m definitely judging this book and I’m judging Amazon for sure.

Is this what the J in my personality type means???? 😂

Comments of suggestions or even just condolences of a beautiful book lost to such a dreadful life of bent pages and form would be welcomed. I’ll also take encouragements and positivity.

Moving onto another book that’s long awaited…

I’ve been waiting for this book. For some reason, I’ve never been able to find it at Barnes & Noble!! WHY. I don’t know. This is also the book I thought I had preordered but then come to find out I DIDNT. That was frustrating I guess… but now it’s not because I’ve got the book in my library now. It’s in my hands. It’s here. It’s really here y’all.

I LOVE Tamera Alexander. She is another one of those authors for me that I need (and have…) all her books!

One time during this past year I won one of her giveaways that I forgot I entered (I think I even posted about it!). So just let the record show… I loved her before that giveaway. 😎

So the upside is that this is my current fiction read, y’all!

Look for this book to be in my Reading Moments of September blog post, because I better be able to finish this book!

This book though… let’s get into the details that are pertinent to this blog post, shall we?

It came in the same package as Denise Hunter’s book, but for whatever reason Colors of Truth wasn’t jacked up like The Goodbye Bride was. Instead, the shock was at how heavy the book was/is. I did hear like a podcast where Alexander talked about her difficulty with publishers, so I do believe this book being published with a different company contributed to the heaviness in material.

No matter the weight (although it would be really heavy to put into a purse, just believe me on this one haha) I’ll still read it and be happy doing so.

Also, HAPPY LABOR DAY! I almost forgot 🤣 but yeah, I don’t have to work today which is great because perhaps I’ll have a good reading day for once! It’s not a good reading day unless I read over 75 pages! 😏

Thank you for reading today (or whenever you’re reading this) and I hope you enjoy your day to the fullest!

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  1. My deepest condolences on the tragic incident involving a most beloved book. I think you should try to return it. Explain to them that it looked like this when you received and you held onto it in hopes that it would straighten out, but alas your dreams were crushed and they need to help revive your spirits by sending a new, beautiful book 📚

    1. Summer says:

      Thank you for your condolences and the tip!! I went on my Amazon account and started the process. They’re going to ship a new one and I’m going to send this one back today at an Amazon shipping location for free! 🙌🏻

      1. Woo hoo! That’s great! I hope your new one is in pristine condition! 😁

        1. Summer says:

          Took it to Kohl’s and ended up receiving $5 in Kohl’s cash 🥺 expected and appreciated! What a day!

          1. Oh I didn’t know you could do that! How neat! 😊

  2. jesusluvsall says:

    I understand the excitement of waiting for a new book. To have it come in bad shape would be disappointing

    1. Summer says:

      This brought back flashbacks of when I ordered a book and it was SO tiny compared to expectations. Sent that one back to the publisher LOL

  3. Mrs. Curry says:

    Whoa! I would be upset about the book. Glad to see that you returned it! 😁

    1. Summer says:

      Thank you!! Me too 😃

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