Reading Moments of August

It was a busy month (again) so I didn’t get much read. I almost only had one book read only but I was determined to have more read than that!

Why was I so busy??

Working a second job (for fun 🤣) is why. My job at the university bookstore keeps me busy, I enjoy it and it’s just extra cash for doing it! With students moving back to campus and everything, it’s a busy time. Plus, FRESHMEN! 😍 they’re the best! They have no idea what to do, where to go, or how the whole buying books works (usually). I enjoy explaining options, showing them where they can find books, how our layout works, etc. maybe one day soon, under new presidential leadership, books will be part of tuition costs! WHERE WAS THAT WHEN I WAS THERE.


Let’s get into what I had time to read and finish in the month of August!

Convicted: An Innocent Man, the Cop Who Framed Him, and an Unlikely Journey to Forgiveness and Friendship

Read 8/2/2021-8/9/2921

I really enjoyed this book. It was a book I needed. This story was such an encouragement too, given the turbulent times we’re in with the racial divide and the whole war on cops stuff going on. If you’re needing the encouragement or a story of forgiveness, I’d recommend this book!

Didn’t hurt that it was on the $1 shelf at Mardel! 😎

The Lake House by Kate Morton


As you can tell, this one took me two months. It’s a fiction book. Why so long, Summer?

Well 🤓

This is one of those books I struggled with. I’m not exactly sure why, really. It alternates between characters and also time periods. It was separated in such a way by chapters so it wasn’t doing such things mid chapter without you knowing, but it was just like… what’s actually going on??

Til the end, I thought one thing, but then by the end it was a great book! Like… I wish I had read it faster and given it more of a chance all along.

If you can get past the rest, you’ll find it was a good book as well.

I may have to read more of her books after this one!

I’d Rather Be Reading by Anne Bogel


Did I started this late in the month to pump up my August numbers? MAYBE.

I’ve had this book since 2018, when it was published! My cousin and I seen her in person at Magic City Books (local bookstore!) and she was so cool.

Why did I not read the book?

No idea.

But I’m glad I finally did! I think I only remembered I needed to (even though it’s on my to be read shelf!) because my friend posted on Goodreads about reading and finishing it.

It’s not even a big book… it’s an easy read. Easily could have read it in a day had I stayed focused on a Saturday or Sunday – but excuses!

Bogel talks about the dilemmas we book readers experience and gives many personal examples and stories how books have come and impacted her life.

Did you have a book impact you this past month?

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  1. The only book that I finished in August was one that I read for the second time – Get Out Of Your Head by Jennie Allen. I have 7+ other books that I have started at some point by have waned on. 🤦🏼‍♀️

    1. Summer says:

      I feel ya!! Sometimes, for me, it’s hard to even start a book, but I have several started that I’m debating on finishing.

  2. Mrs. Curry says:

    I miss working at the bookstore, especially this time of year! Tell everyone I said hello!
    I read…waaaayyy too much books in August… 🤣 I read them all on my phone though, so it was a lot easier to do on the go and during down times with Annie.
    And possibly maybe super late at night. 🤭😆

    1. Summer says:

      I will!
      It’s so hard for me to read electronically, but that would make it so much easier! I should do that for some of my books when I’m out with the fam in the rain – sometimes I take books with us on the road, but I leave them behind if I know it’s not good weather for a book.
      It’s got to be a good book if it keeps you up at night!

      1. Mrs. Curry says:

        I’ve been obsessed with Karen Kingsbury books lately, it’s like a pressing need to read them ALL. Right now. 🤣

        1. Summer says:

          She has SO many 😳 but you’re going through them lol I need to read them in complete order of how they’re written so I’m waiting 😅

          1. Mrs. Curry says:

            Yeah that’s what I’ve been doing! I actually used up all my loans on Hoopla, where I’ve borrowed the series, so I had to go to Kindle and read the stand alones. 🤭 Lol!

          2. Summer says:

            Wow!! I didn’t know that was possible because I guess I hadn’t gotten more than 3-4 audiobooks a month 🤣

          3. Mrs. Curry says:

            Haha right, I didn’t either until it wouldn’t let me borrow another. 🤪😲

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