Faith in Our Testimony

Well, here I am again, thinking about something I’ve posted! Haha. Not long after I wrote Monday’s blog post, I thought about how our faith is our testimony. Our whole journey and what we go through, what we learn, how we grow, it’s all in there.

I’ve shared pieces of my testimony here in posts and some I’ve typed but never have published yet.

My journey to where I am now has been lifelong (I’m almost 25 so… let me say “quarter of a century long” instead! Haha). I feel older than I am at times and sometimes I think, girl, chill, you got years to live. That’s not necessarily true because I don’t know how long I have left on this earth, but I’ll take what I can get and do with it as best I can.

I’ve grown up in church, but it’s not the same for everyone. Some people have had this devotion to God since they were little and I just never did. I didn’t think God had that much control and I didn’t know He did the things he did because sometimes I just felt like none of that happened to me.

When I changed my perspective and started seeking God for myself, my life started changing. I still made mistakes and still do, but my outlook on things have started going through a Biblical filter or lens I never knew existed.

The story of where I was and who I am today is my testimony. One of a church girl who went to church every Sunday for years and then decided she wanted a personal relationship with God… big things happen when you believe.

This was to piggyback on Monday’s post – how our faith develops with struggles and giving up what we may have been promised or what we waited years for.

Those experiences are what grows our faith, for sure, but they also help give an account to those who need to hear those things. They could be wrestling with the thoughts of is this real? Does this really happen? How do you do it? People have questions and you have some of the answers they need!

People see what you go through and how you respond to tough situations. How you grow effects them. We’re always going through one thing or another – that means someone else is, too. We can still be a light even if we feel like the light in us is dim.

What are your thoughts on this?

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