A Week’s Worth of Oil

We had a full week of hockey in the oil capital of the world. We’ve been playing like this (a few days a week of games with the same team) and it’s actually been fun! The tensions between the players get high and it’s awesome to see them go after it. They talk smack, expect the gloves to come off and possibly some helmets. The refs have been breaking it up or they just don’t take it that level. How unfortunate.

This week we played Indy Fuel (mostly). I don’t know if I’ve ever really been a fan of them. They just seem aggressive and hostile all the time. Must be how they breed them up there!! This week has been something else… they’ve just been pathetic about their game play.


We thought this loss was hard… just read the rest of the week’s details.


Oddly enough, this was the 22nd and #22 on Indy’s team was a total jerk! I had my eye on him. Why, might you ask?

It was the beginning of the game (pretty much) when at the end of a play when he tripped over our goalie’s hockey stick, he was talking smack of whatever kind and set off our player who then yanked him up off the ice. #22 continued to agitate and antagonize our players surrounding the goal. They separated and everything was chilling. Then, they began to face off and the referee couldn’t even drop the puck for him bad mouthing our players and not focusing on the game at hand.

It was, to say the least, a time to be alive in the arena. The tension was high.

We took a loss on this one after overtime, hoping for a better ending to the week of games on the weekend.

Not the Oilers, but was made at the beginning of the game!
Indy Fuel trying to make a decision on their team bench.
But… they did so.


Tensions were high on the 23rd as the Oilers took on the Fuel for the third night of the week. Not even 2 minutes into regulation, a fight broke out on the ice. Gloves were dropped, helmets were removed, fists were flying; all the works.

Shortly after, Oilers scored the first goal of the night. This possibly was the cause in Fuel’s anger and not long after the goal, another fight broke out.

Penalties all around.

Memes were made and laughter ensued.

Did I forget to mention that the Tulsa Oilers were actually in Paw Patrol jerseys?? It was Paw Patrol night! Paw Patrol wasn’t live in person, but the fan assistance center definitely had some merch available. FUR SURE.

Unfortunately, the hype we experienced in the first period was short lived. We fell to the Indy Fuel, taking off the ice an L in regulation. A heartbreaking loss for the guys on the ice and the fans in the arena.

Sometimes you just need blankets.
Could you not wait until we had a few good plays? Or given you something to fight about??
Enough said!
Assumptions and stuff 🙂
Shots on Goal (SOG) counter was ticking in our favor for a while…


The day begins as a cool, rainy and dreary day. I think to myself, will the game be just as dreary? Will we take home the fourth L of the week? I hope this weather isn’t an indication of the no doubt fatigue the players are feelings. They’ve played so many games just in the past two weeks!

Due to COVID delaying the season, they’ve been playing more I guess. It feels that way. Not sure what the full season is going to look like but we’ve played around 10 games thus far.

Tonight they took on the Allen Americans for a change of pace.

Allen scored the first goal of the game just over 4 minutes into the second period. Not even a minute later…. they scored the second goal of the night making it 2-0. Completely discouraging going into the rest of the game.

At this point, to gather more entertainment than this pitiful game, a player shoots the puck sending it over the glass and into the stands. (Not on purpose but…) This event sent young people racing for a souvenir in the seats around them!

The one time we think we scored!!!! They wave it!!! The audacity!!!!

At this stage in the game, I’m looking for an interception to run it back to the other end of the rink for a touchdown. (Football vocabulary during a hockey game because I’m so done! 😭) We need something!!

The trouble continues when the Allen Americans score their third goal of regulation. It’s important to note that the Americans record thus far in the season is 9 wins and 3 losses (with no overtime or shoot-out losses). Those are pretty good stats right there!! This in comparison to our 6 wins, 7 losses and 1 each toward overtime and shootout losses. We could do better.

The game ended up being 5-0…. hearts are breaking again. 4 losses in 5 days is sad and intolerable. It could be from fatigue, but something needs to change between now and our next game next week.

Thanks for reading my oil spill!

What are your thoughts on this?

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