My side business as an Independent Scentsy Consultant has been going since July. It’s been a pretty good success, I’d say! I’ll find out how taxes go this year… this whole little biz is new to me so that’ll be fun…

What I’m looking forward to this year is the possibility that I may sponsor someone else out there.

I’ve always wanted my own business – I have for a long time, but never knew what I wanted to do so I never gave much thought into it because that doesn’t make sense. If you don’t know what you want to do, how do you do it?

Scentsy is something I’ve consumed for years anyway and I was wanting some additional income without actually having a job that I had to go into – basically work for someone else. This way, I can get out of the business whatever I put into it. If I don’t hustle, I’m not going to get much. If I want some time off, that’s easy – I just don’t try and simply step away from promoting my business.

I’ve created a new category on my blog called “It Just Makes Scents” for posts talking about this side business. This is included in it’s subcategory, “Sponsoring.” Look for future posts on Scentsy core values and how they line up with what I look for in a company as well!

My sponsor, Shauna is amazing. She’s always encouraging to the entire team. She’s been my friend for a few years now since we worked together at an office. I’m truly blessed to have been put in her path and to have her guiding me through this business process. I’ve heard stories of other sponsors not living up to standards for their teams but also just the company standards it seems like. Shauna is literally goals when it comes to being a sponsor!

I would love the opportunity to sponsor someone else. I’m still growing as a consultant, but my growth since my start has been great. The amount that I’ve learned over the past 6 months has been helpful and I’m confident going into this new year. I want to share the things I’ve learned and bring someone else alongside me for this journey.

I don’t think it would be fair to bring someone onto my team too early – had I been a brand new consultant and didn’t know anything (it felt like that for a minute!), but I feel like I’m ready now. Only God knows when that time will be and where that person is though. Until then, I trust His plan.

What are your thoughts on this?

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