Just Supervising

I guess, this week is just the week of announcements on my blog!

Today I was offered the promotion I applied for at my full-time job! I applied months ago and it took maybe a month or so before I had an interview, then I’ve waited over a month at least to hear anything back about it. This position was an add on so it wasn’t of top priority at the time when other things happened within the company that took their attention. I was okay with it.

The announcement today was out of the blue because it had been so long for me that I wasn’t thinking much about it anymore. Of course I thought about it and people would ask if I’d heard back… but it wasn’t my top thought, anyway.

I’m incredibly… I don’t know. I’m a lot of things. I’m excited and nervous. I’m a bit overwhelmed when I think about the amount of things I’ll be learning and having to do. I have to remind myself that all will happen over time, not all at once. I’ve been at my company for almost 3 years and so much has happened in that time. I feel like it’s only strengthened me in my abilities to handle these new things that will come my way.

I’m now supervisor of my department!

For Christmas, I was given a journal about gratefulness. On each page you write about the best moment of the day, the worst moment of the day and what you felt grateful for.

The best moment of my day was for sure… being offered the position I’ve been patiently waiting for!

The worst moment of my day was definitely just hearing and seeing the comments and negativity spewed about yesterday’s events at the capitol.

Today I felt grateful for opportunities. I have the opportunity to be a light and positive influence to the world that’s broken and hurting. I’m also grateful to be challenged at work to learn more about my department and the department’s goals/challenges.

My 2021 has been filled with all things new, but I’m excited to see what God uses me for this year and what He has for me to learn and grow through.

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