Own Nothing and Have Everything

Jesus Centered Bible – questions and answers category goes through the questions given throughout the New Testament of the Bible I use and I give my answers and thoughts. Always, feel free to comment your thoughts and your own answers to these questions!

The question

Paul says following Jesus means we’ll “own nothing, and yet… have everything.” How is that possible? Referenced in 2 Corinthians 6:3-10.

The answer

We already have everything we need. What we may not be able to provide ourselves, God provides and He provides a way or ways to sustain our needs. Look at Jesus. He walked the earth and it’s like, what did He own? Technically, He is God so He had everything. Just as we are God’s children, He had offered us everything we need.

What do you own? Does owning that mean anything to the kingdom? Probably not. It might help you in this world, but it does not provide everything.

Our biggest assets in this world would be how we go about life. Is that really owned? It’s owned in a sense, it belongs to you, but it’s refined by God and His work inside of you. God is our everything and if we belong to Him, we have everything.

Owning nothing and having everything for me has been shown to me at a young age, though at the time, I didn’t realize it. When I was younger, not that we’re entirely “rich” now, but back then we were “poorer” than we are now, I guess. I felt more joy and carefree back then, when we didn’t have as much as a family. We didn’t do as much, but what we did was more meaningful and treasured because we had each other. I’ve felt this was for a long time and it’s reinforced the statement that less is more for me.

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