Bookworm Problem #2712

You’re beginning this blog post thinking there’s a real problem. I don’t really think there is one. Okay, actually, the reading isn’t a problem… it’s the byproduct of the event that took place that may be the problem.

For Christmas, I was gifted the book I’ve longed for for over a month (so long, I know) when I got the email about a preorder!! I didn’t just want the book, I wanted the preorder version! I knew this book was coming for a while (not the gift, but the book because I follow Julie Klassen and have all her books!) so the email wasn’t a surprise. I immediately wanted it but wasn’t super thrilled about having to pay for it – trying not to spend and also not charge anything else. Insert particular people in my life asking what I want for Christmas this year as always and me not knowing…. THIS PARTICULAR MOMENT I KNEW.

let it be known that I wanted this specific thing and sent the order link on to the appropriate person with a “DO IT AS SOON AS YOU GET HOME SO I CAN GET A SIGNED COPY AND A BOOKMARK WITH THE BOOK” subtle reminder.

Fast forward to Christmas Eve when I was able to open up this beauty…

Shoutout to my boyfriend for his incredible knowledge of just knowing what I truly want for Christmas!

The only problem with requesting a preorder for Christmas like I did was that… other people received their copies before me! I felt completely out of the loop and I couldn’t publicize my enthusiasm of receiving the book so quickly and reading it and talking about it and tagging the author in my post. No. None of that because I had to wait!

Now that I type this… that actually makes another issue.

My other problem was that due to this waiting period I endured (PTL for endurance), I read this in about a span of 36hours. Mind you not all of that was reading time – just the period of which I started and the time that I ended.

Christmas Eve evening I read whilst in a moving vehicle as the fam went to look at lights (I would watch but I was reading, too). I slept. I woke up and read some more. My intense need to finish was real. I stayed up Christmas Day and into the day after Christmas (26th) to finish this beautiful novel.

1:30am was when I was able to conclude that Julie Klassen published another masterpiece in the writing world.

If you’re a fan of Klassen’s work, go grab yourself her newest off a bookshelf near you! You won’t be disappointed. I sure wasn’t and the lack of sleep (sleep that I really needed actually lol) was well worth it all!

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  1. I haven’t read this book. I will check it out. But I can definitely relate to lack of sleep when you are into a good book. The struggle is real! 😉

    1. Summer says:

      Glad to not be alone! 😂

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