Merry Christmas from 2020

Merry Christmas from Summer, here 🙂

We’re you able to see the planets align to give us the North Star? I only saw what people shared online – not sure if wasn’t too interested to see it myself or just too lazy to go outside… LOL It looked pretty cool though and I’ve seen some awesome pictures of it. It’s been a crazy year for everyone and something so extraordinary comes along to remind us that God is still there, even when we feel like He’s far away while things are going a bit sideways.

We’ve been checking out Christmas lights so many nights a week for weeks now. I don’t think we’ve been all over town really, but it’s been pretty close. It seems like more people went all out this year than normal. I’m thinking it’s because people didn’t have much else to do or look forward to. We go looking at lights as a family every year, so that wasn’t anything new.

I hope you and yours have a Merry Christmas this year. Stay safe and healthy. We are on our way to 2021!! It may not be much better, but we can rest knowing that God is and always has been in control.

God bless,


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