The Flood and The Boat

So… now, this is just a thought I’ve had and I’m getting it out without any further research just because I’ve had it in my head for at least 24 hours, among other things related to Genesis (maybe I’ll get to those soon, too!).

In BSF, we’re in Genesis, as I may have mentioned, and it’s been so good so far – as if there was any doubt. During one of the days’ questions, I really don’t think this answers a question, but I wrote this question:

Did God use water to flood the earth, wiping out all of creation – humans and animals alike that were not on the ark – cleansing the land of sin as a precursor for baptism and the Savior to come?

When I really thought about how God was regretful in Genesis 6-7 over what He had created, it made me sad, like many others. At the beginning of Genesis, we read that God created humans in His image and we were so special to Him, made to rule over the rest of creation. Now, His creation has gone astray, filled with a sinful nature for all future generations.

Because of His regret, He planned to flood the earth. Did He show mercy? He did, yes, through an ark, built by a man named Noah who found favor in Him.

We deserve the flood, but God provides the boat.

Have you thought about, before this, like me, how God pretty much baptized the earth? It wasn’t through the Holy Spirit or the Son (the Son wasn’t around yet… at least in human form…), at least it’s not implied or explicit in Scripture, but I found it to be similar. He made the earth a new creation. Started over with Noah and his family.

God takes us, through our belief in Jesus, fills us with the Holy Spirit and we are made new.

After these verses, I think about it and I’m like… why a flood to begin with? God had other options, things we never think of (I mean, I probably wouldn’t have chosen a flood, let’s be honest…) and He still chose a flood. Why?

I also think – why Noah? We learn about Noah, and we pretty much know why, given that Moses tells us that he was VERY LIKELY the best guy around at that time. Everyone was filled with evil thoughts, a sinful nature. BUT… Noah sinned, too. He wasn’t perfect. Perhaps, Noah was the only one walking closely with God. He was disciplined. He was faithful and obedient. I mean, helloooo, God must have known this or He wouldn’t have had him build the ark – a huge task even with instructions.

Sin is still on earth, even after the flood. Didn’t God know that it wouldn’t get rid of it? Of course He did, He’s God. But again, why the flood? Why save Noah if you wanted a new creation, to wipe the earth of sin?

Even if we don’t have the answers or don’t right now understand everything God has done – the whys and how’s – at least I take encouragement in the new beginning this event represents and that God promises He will never flood the earth again. God is faithful and trustworthy – we can count on His promises.

I’ll be thinking about this and researching more. If you have any comments or even references, feel free to comment!! Thank you for coming to my thoughts 🙂

What are your thoughts on this?

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