Going Through Phases

I have a confession. Not your typical confession perhaps… but something my fellow bloggers and followers don’t know (yet).

I think I’ve become addicted to Phase10.

I have these urges to play throughout the day. I pretty much daydream about playing Phase10. It doesn’t matter that sometimes the phases you have to go through are hard, I just enjoy the thrill of laying down my cards and being able to get rid of cards before my opponent(s).

I don’t know if you’ve played or experienced this with a new (to you) game, but the feels are real.

Backstory: I played Phase10, I remember, at church camp (wow… that was like a decade ago now..) and at that time, there were a TON of people playing and I’m sure there were multiple decks involved. Needless to say, I didn’t actually learn how to play, had no idea what was going on, who was doing what, and I never cared to play again because of it.

Recently, I played at a friends house and after that, I had to go out and buy a deck for myself and now I just want to play any and everyone. Basically, a COME AT ME BRO moment, but with Phase10.

I had to get this out and let it be known to the masses…

I hope you get through your phases! Honestly, they don’t last too long – stay strong.

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  1. Mrs. Curry says:

    I absolutely LOVE Phase 10! 😂 Andrew gets bored halfway through sometimes. I need you to come play it with me! 🥳

    1. Summer says:

      I so will!! 😂 I would play two games back to back I bet 🤪

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