Audio Reading Confessions

I had a thought this week that I could listen to audiobooks while I work. This isn’t a new thought because I used to listen to books all the time maybe a year ago. I got tired of it I guess back then and I ran out of books I wanted to read – it’s hard to listen to some books and you know me… I have to make things difficult sometimes I guess!

What really prompted me to get to listening to audiobooks were many things… all the same but in high quantity. All the books I have yet to read but are on my bookcase and desk! It might not be 100… I haven’t counted, but there’s too many! I’ve had to actually STOP buying books. Can you believe that? I know, me either.

In an effort to get these books read, I’ve found SOME of them on audio versions through my library system so that I can check them out, listen to them at 1.25 speed (really the perfect speed, you should try it) and I’m currently on my second audiobook for the week!!

You’re probably thinking, why do you have so many books and now you’re listening to the audiobook instead of enjoying the paper book that you insist on keeping til the end of time to have in a library in your house someday that you may or may not ever reference again?

My response?

Why not?? You never know when you need the reference or a friend needs a good suggestion. “I know just the book!!”

So you see, this is my confession. I’ve resorted to such insanity to get these books moved from the “YOU NEED TO READ THESE” bookcase and desk space to the other three bookcases in alphabetical order of all the ones I’ve put into “inventory” which means they’ve either been read at some point of they’re specifically for reference and not necessarily something to read…?

Anywho, thank you for reading yet another bookworm confession from yours truly.

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  1. You are not alone! I have similar issues. I consider myself to be a slow reader. But I have an ever growing TBR pile. So I often listen to the audio versions as well. Especially with nonfiction books because they take me longer to get through than a fiction book. I am glad I found someone who agrees that the struggle is real! 🙂

    1. Summer says:

      That’s awesome! I’m glad we’re in the same boat. 😃

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