Ages of Wait

I’m very excited today because after years of waiting, hoping that MAYBE, someday, there would be NHL warmers released by Scentsy… today is the day!

All teams are represented!!

I’ve loved hockey – some years more than others I guess – my whole life. That’s thanks to Dad. A player himself back in the day, his love of the game never faded and he always made it to games in our city (CHL and ECHL) whether by regular ticket buying, season tickets or just being given tickets by friends or from a company we worked for.

I think some of the most fun we had at games were the ones when we went out of town for or there were huge moments that took place at the game. A huge fight between players or that one time fights broke out in the stands between rival fans (scary and also ridiculous to fight over a game to begin with). Those times we went down the road for a turnpike rivalry within the state. The one time we went all the way to Bosier Shreveport for a weekend as a vacation of sorts, going to eat, going to an arcade, staying in a motel right next to an active railroad track…

!!!! They’re beautiful!!! and… so lit lol

A lot in life has happened at or because of hockey games. Many people have come into our lives as a family because of those games. It’s like another family for us. Like when Dad passed away, even though he was no longer a season ticket holder, yet attended every home game and had a passion for a good recruit on the ice and wanted the team and the players to succeed, they still honored him on the big screen and also had a moment of silence for him.

Fresh Ice scent is available for purchase as well. ❤️

The game of hockey has meant a lot to me and that’s why I’m excited to be a consultant in this special year of their release! Even though these are only NHL and not my home team in a lower league, I still love those Penguins 😍 and today I will definitely be ordering a list of these warmers (not all for me…) 😂

If you or someone you know is a fan , feel free to order through this link below. These warmers won’t last long 🙂

What are your thoughts on this?

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