Political Realities of Jesus’ Time

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The question

His early followers expected Jesus to lead a political revolt against their Roman oppressors – why didn’t Jesus work to change the political realities of His time? Referenced in Revelation 17.

The answer

What were the political realities of Jesus time? Why did people want or think they needed a revolt? Why didn’t Jesus change the political realities? How does this apply today? What are our current political realities? How are Christians taking to politics? Similarities between the Roman Empire and present day USA. We place more faith into politicians or events than in the God who creates or allows these things to grow or work.

Jesus didn’t work to change the political realities of His time because in doing so would not be part of God’s plan. Jesus didn’t come to change the world’s system, only to change the way we encounter it, live in it and how we can get to Heaven when all this is over. We fight for what’s right in God’s eyes, through His lens. We don’t agree on everything the government or the world in general does of course, but if it’s not hindering our walk with the Lord or forcing us to do something outside of His will, what are we going to do? Jesus is the way and He’s everything we need to get through what we currently face ~ it’ll only get worse ~ and it’s important to remember that this doesn’t surprise God in the least and He allows it to unfold for our benefit so we can yield to Him, His ways and His provision.

I found this article that I thought was pretty spot on that I got research from. I’d encourage you to take a few minutes to read it… along with Revelation 17 of course!

I’m thinking I’ll come back to this topic and expand on it more than just this little blurb here…

What are your thoughts on this?

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