Both Sides; Why Sides Though?

You can support the CAUSE that black lives DO matter and all lives can’t matter until… literally all lives matter ~ Hispanic, Latino, African American, etc., while also rallying support for LEOs. Their lives matter too. When they take off their badge and uniform, guess what? They look like everyone else.

You can’t build one group of people up while tearing another group down. That’s not how it works.

Why is it normal to be told you’re against BLM if you support LEOs?

I don’t support the BLM organization but I do support the cause and movement that their lives do matter and we should be doing something to assist in bridging whatever gaps we need to and also pushing out racial biases, profiling and prejudices.

Since slaves were freed, or at least since they were told they were free, they’ve been struggling still. People still hold biases and some kind of thought of superiority, thinking that being white is somehow better, or at least lighter skin, but white is typically the case. Why? Especially in America of all places. We didn’t “find” or “discover” this land. It wasn’t uninhabited. The Natives were here. The audacity of these European gents to come across the ocean and claim this land as their own. White’s have been cruel in their ways for a long time. That could be a stereotype and it is, we’ve been putting ourselves first in every area of life since America came to be.

Nothing against good ole George Washington or anything, but the ways of the men at the beginning of America were flawed. They were imperfect men trying to build a perfect land.

The same is said from the beginning of time itself. We see that in the Word.

The truth is, we are still far from perfect. Our ways and our thoughts are not perfect. What we do to fix this land, the policies, the reform, the education, it’s all going to be flawed because we are imperfect creatures. We are influenced by the world and everything that goes with it.

There’s only One who is perfect and most of this time, America has abandoned even the idea that we are one nation under God. That’s offensive to people now, “one nation under God,” can you believe that? Why? Maybe because Christians, who boldly state that they are such and have this need to uphold the Constitution and the rights it gives, are not very good Christian examples. We’ve let our own understanding be what we lean on instead of God’s. His Word.

God is not surprised in the least, though. He has known what’s in store for us. He knows how we respond. He knows what we need. We literally need a come to Jesus moment, as a nation.

What would Jesus do?

He would not be pitching one side against the other. That’s a divisive move and He is about unity.

I’m not sure how to achieve it, but I do want unity and equality for all people. We should be able to live in this land as one nation under God.

That’s my prayer.

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