Choosing Battles

Now more than ever, it’s important for Christians to be more Christian and less worldly. We’re entrusted with faith and wisdom through the Word. Is that where we turn to when chaos arises?

There are many “sides” to take in the world on issues. In the same way, there are many battles we can choose to be involved in, in those battles, we ultimately take one side or another.

Masks have been a big deal for many people. Do you think wearing a mask has helped? Do you believe in the medical research that they do? Do you think this is a political scheme? Not to make a debate on my post… but, I’ve been wearing a mask because… as much as I hate wearing one and I feel like sometimes I can’t breathe more than other times and it gets really hot under the mask, I can’t accurately think of what right the government is taking away by mandating masks be worn in public places where social distancing is limited or not possible. I also can’t say how that would hinder my walk with the Lord. I’m choosing not to go to war over a mask at this time and place… I’ll save my energy for something more pressing.

There is so much going on in the world right now, as it has been over the past several months. Some days I’m just so tired. Tired in general, but tired of hearing about the statistics that may or may not be true, tired of hearing people complain, tired of people being negative and slinging hate at one another, tired of people picking fights that are not worthy of our time of day. I sometimes just get so depressed that I lay around and fall asleep. Sleepy doesn’t make the issues or fights go away, and I don’t feel that much better afterwards. It just happens because I can’t go many places either so I’m stuck at the house or go driving around with my thoughts. Which would you choose?? Haha.

Anyway, the point is, if we’re going to be choosing our battles, since there’s such a selection to choose from right now, let’s be sure we do it in a Godly way. Okay, friends? ❤️

What are your thoughts on this?

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