3rd Truth of Christmas – 2019

Books are appropriate gifts, OBVIOUSLY.

I would LOVE to get more books for Christmas. If not physical books, I take cash, gift cards, checks… etc 🙂

This truth is specific to me I guess but there are other varieties of books that people enjoy! For example, my grandma loves word search and connect the dot books to work on. There’s also sudoku books that I used to do allllll the time. Between all my reading it’s hard to remember that!

Other people like those giant books to lay on a coffee table. They’re really just for conversation pieces and to look at I guess. I obviously wouldn’t mind looking at a book, no matter where it’s placed.

If no other book, why not give the most important on to someone this Christmas? The Bible 🙂

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  1. Mrs.Holliman says:

    I tagged you for the food award 2.0

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