Chcik-fil-A stereotype #2

Pairing Jesus food with Jesus talk.

That’s what happened this past Wednesday.

It was a Wednesday, which means church dinner and Bible Study. The only different thing this Wednesday was that my mom was going to Chick-fil-a for “dinner” instead. (Air-quotes because dinner was actually a shake, which is cool but not healthy.) I became slightly salty learning of this going down because I hadn’t personally been to Chick-fil-a in DAYS (I don’t have a problem) and I’ve been feeling kind of down. I ended up getting to join in on the Chick-fil-a adventure and received a shake as well to go with my church dinner (which was spaghetti and green beans with strawberry shortcake BTW).

As we’re walking into the church I’m like, whoa, this is just perfect and very stereotypical. Having Chick-fil-a at church. It’s like walking into paradise.

Stereotypical Summer – Chick-fil-a (Jesus food) at church (Jesus talk).

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