What About Them Blinkers?

For this question of the day, we’re going to contemplate and maybe answer multiple questions about people using their blinkers, or rather, lack there of.

Consider These Apples

Are people just not considerate? Do they WANT to get hit no matter the cost of someone else’s investment? Cars are expensive. Obviously a ’96 Honda would be able to get hit by an Audi and feel better about it – wow, sorry, but you have money, you have an Audi (stereotype, not condoned). Attitude is everything. Try caring about other people and their property, please.

Life Saver

Are these peeps out on the road trying to save from buying a bulb by not using it that much?? Like, I get it… but that’s just gonna happen eventually. Bravo for trying to save… something though LOL


Our system (at least here in most of Oklahoma) has failed our teens learning to drive. (Let it be noted this is another result of budget cuts YEARS ago but excuses, excuses…) Where, how and what are questions we should be asking. WHERE are these teens being taught? HOW are they being taught? Not very well, but that’s obvious. πŸ™‚ WHAT are they being taught? I feel like they’ve missed important things in their driving education, aka THE MAGICAL TURN SIGNAL. That’s basically what it is! It’s magic. Some people act like they don’t know that there’s this little lever by the steering wheel that can move to activate a signal on the outside of the vehicle to let other drivers know and expect a turn soon, so please slow down. Do these people also not know they can get tickets for such lack of action??

Literally Nothing

Perhaps they actually have a bulb out and from my view, it’s not working and their front blinker works. HOW UNFORTUNATE FOR ME THOUGH. Back to being uneducated, maybe we need to remind peeps that they should check those things every once in a while, ya know, kind of like how some states require inspections??? LORD HAVE MERCY. I sometimes wish we had those. I’ve never known what that was like but I take care of my car so it wouldn’t be a big deal for me. I know in Texas it’s like $7 for an inspection but that’s really beside the point here.

So What?

This is me ranting about a pet peeve but also address a minor issue that reflects a bigger issue on the road. Anyway, do with this what you will LOL

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  1. Erin says:

    So true!!! I was just telling my mom earlier today that I don’t understand mean drivers. Like, it’s so much better to be nice!

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