Jesus Food

Chick-fil-a is undeniably the best food out there. Not only is the food delicious and heavenly, the workers are pleasant as can be. If you’ve had a bad experience at Chick-fil-a, something is WRONG (and probably with you, check your heart).

When we get to heaven, if we need food at all, I’m pretty sure Jesus himself endorses and caters in Chick-fil-a for us. Again, heavenly.

The real thing here is whether to dip or not to dip. Do you get chick-fil-a sauce when you order at Chick-fil-a?

Again, for the third time, CHICK-FIL-A IS HEAVENLY FOOD. And you don’t actually need to have sauce of any kind for it because it’s so so good AS IS.

Let’s get like… Chick-fil-a spiritual for a sec though. Chick-fil-a sauce is actually the “holy sauce” of all things – not just the Chick-fil-a things. If you were to get some regular ole chicken from the store, Chick-fil-a sauce would be the sauce to save you and the worldly chicken from doom. It brings life and happiness, a sense of peace, and a slice of heaven.

The holy sauce is like the Holy Spirit. You need the holy spirit to lead and guide you. The holy sauce leads your tastes buds and is fully devoted to said taste buds.

Chick-fil-a workers are the disciples of the Chick-fil-a way. They live to please! “My pleasure” is the equivalent of “Amen” at a prayer circle. These workers go above and beyond.

So seriously, how can you go wrong with Jesus food, aka Chick-fil-a???

Partial credit goes to my boyfriend Garrett on this one. β™₯

Also see this other post by Steve Patterson about Chick-Fil-A that’s just 😍😍😍

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