Dairy Dreams: Episode 2

I honestly never thought I would have another blog post called Dairy Dreams 😅 it was just a name! Either way, here we are!

On today’s episode… picture it, Chick-fil-A, present day. Another occurrence of taking a kid’s meal toy up to the counter to trade in for some ICE CREAM.

Now, I didn’t take it up there. It was my Gma and mom. The lady at the counter had a lot going on and missed the part where we wanted ice cream in a cup rather than a cone. We received a cone.

Shortly after receiving the cone from my Gma at the table, I was like “Having the ice cream in a cone just takes longer to eat it.” Gma suggested I use my spoon. I was skeptical and thought it was a bit strange, but I know I’m weird to begin with so what the hay???

Pictured here is the evidence…

And no, I don’t like cones 😂

Of course everything happens at Chick-fil-A ❤️

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