Tulsa Auto Show – 2019

Every year, I go to the Tulsa Auto Show to see most of the new cars hitting the market and view the classic old vehicles (that are older than me!) which is high level entertainment.

The prices of these vehicles, like the BMW i8 Roadster for example, is insane – in style and price. I don’t even know why someone would need a BMW i8 Roadster except to have for show because, based on all the pictures I’ve seen and seeing it in person, DOES THIS VEHICLE NOT HAVE A ROOF? Have these people heard of precipitation???

A disappointment I experienced this year was that there was only one Ford Mustang present. Not that the one present wasn’t special… (it was a 5.0L so it wasn’t basic at least) but in previous years there’s been at least two on display, sometimes three.

Unless I just don’t remember or never paid attention… this is the first year (to my knowledge – which probably isn’t that great) that they had a mini golf course to play ($5 – goes toward community outreach). We of course can’t turn down mini golf! Not to brag but… I did earn the rights according to the man at the desk… I won πŸ™‚

I was also thirsty and having some sore throat issues so over to the concessions we went. After a lengthy debate on what to order, I asked the man if they could make a flavored cappuccino (based on the menu that said they had cappuccino and flavored coffees). Their cappuccino machine wasn’t working and this sent me back into debating what I should order to drink. There were so many options (and most I actually can’t have because of self discipline and health related issues) and I ended up getting a sweet tea which I really didn’t need – one of those things I’m trying not to drink – but it tasted so bomb!

In conclusion, this year’s Tulsa Auto Show was a success. Below are some pictures of the experience!

Summer – next to Range Rover (aka, dream rover)
Have you ever seen a more green vehicle 🀣🀣
Summer – next to the Honda Civic TypeR which when sitting in makes you feel like you’re in a race car (closest I’ve come to one)
This was my dream car for so long – it’s so sad that they will not be manufactured anymore. . (For now!)

What are your thoughts on this?

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