Why I Use a Fork and Knife

This is a completely random post about something super random about me 🙂 (you’ve been warned).

My Lunch:

My lunch usually consists of one DiGiorno pepperoni, traditional crust, personal pan style pizza. Sidenote: the boxes are used for the microwave tray but they’re sooooo hard to open – like they open but the perforation is not good enough so the tray ends up all ripped and drives. me. nuts.

While the pizza is getting all heated and the cheese is getting all melted just right, I grab a plate from the cabinet. You know what else I grab? I grab a fork and knife from the boxes on top of the microwave in the break room.

Call me crazy, but I use a fork and knife for my pizza.

The Why:

Three reasons:

  • It’s obviously less messy to use a fork and knife to cut and bite rather than picking it up and then getting it all over my desk or my clothes – hello, let’s be professional 🙂
  • Sometimes when I cut my pizza (by sometimes, I mean today) I imagine myself actually being fancy and having steak for lunch.
  • I don’t have one of those fancy pizza cutters to cut it into little pizza slices. I know… I could use a knife, but again, gonna keep it clean and professional.

The Conclusion:

I’m going to continue to live my lunch life using a fork and knife to cut my – most likely – unhealthy pizza.

Thanks for joining me on my lunch break!

What are your thoughts on this?

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