Christmas Tips

It’s that time of year again…

Yes! Christmas!

Last year, I blogged about decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving had it’s day as well as Operation Christmas Child. This year, you guessed it, you’re gonna get blessed by my Christmas season tips. These tips help save you money so take notesssssss.


Buying Christmas gifts year round is a great way to save money (or just spread out your Christmas spending instead of in one big chunk at the end of the year). I’ve found that you can save on things throughout the year just as much as waiting until Black Friday or those special Christmas sales. If you utilize rewards, coupons, and free items throughout the year at places you shop at regularly, you save big time! In general, you know who you buy for every single year. Take advantage and when you see something they might like for Christmas (or even a birthday!) get it when you know you’ll get a good deal (I’m talking really good) and save it! Don’t wait and struggle at the last minute trying to find something special when you probably saw the perfect thing 5 months ago!

Note that it’s probably best to keep all these items in a location easy to remember and you can put all of these gifts year round. Wouldn’t want to forget and have to save it AGAIN, right? I’ve used this theory for years and it’s worked great!


Are you tired of decorating your wrapped gifts with bows and actually having to buy them?? Me too 🙂 I actually didn’t have bows left over from last year so I got creative this year. if you’re anything like me, you have a few colors or designs of wrapping paper you’re going to wrap everything in. When I wrapped a box, I really wanted it to look better but didn’t have a bow or ribbon to slap on it. I got a different wrapping paper and cut off a thin strip about one inch wide and then however long. I got the scissors and made the paper curled and then taped one end to the box. You can also do this multiple ways which are pictured below. I thought this was a fun and simple way to make an ordinary wrap job a bit more unique. Have fun wrapping!

I wrapped all men’s items in plaid and deer printed wrapping paper. I added plaid curls on deer print as pictured here.
I went all out for a work gift and incorporated three separated wrapping paper designs 🙂 I added some random straw looking stuff I don’t know the name of… Lol
I wrapped women’s gifts in snowmen and the Christmas phrases paper. Same method here. Multiple ways to display the ribboned wrapping paper method.


You probably already know this, but I’m telling you anyway because… well, it’s my blog 🙂 Christmas stuff, like literally everything Christmas is 50% off. If not more! Stores don’t want to be three months into the next year hanging onto Christmas decorations (unless you’re a Christmas store or Hobby Lobby)… This is the best time to get really nice Christmas cards, wrapping paper for next Christmas, Christmas boxes, EVERYTHING. Jump on that train and get to getting your Christmas on (and 50% off lol).

There’s a high probability you got nothing out of these tips because I know my readers are super smart already but… I hope you enjoyed reading this anyway 🙂

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