Grateful Moments Like This


Today, I attended the Scholarship Donor Luncheon for the first time in my 4 years of being at TU. I regret not attending before. My scholarship donor is one of the nicest people I’ve met. He was interested and pleased with all of our experiences here at his alma mater.

Breaking the total experience down… I was slightly disappointed in the food 😭 like what I thought were bad grapes turned out to actually be OLIVES (they were purple, not black so…). No wonder they tasted funny 🙃 I ate them and ya know, most people would probably stop eating them since they didn’t taste like good grapes but there I was… trying to be healthy I guess. The speakers were great too. I listened as a student athlete shared her accomplishments and struggles and her future plans as well as what she has been able to do because of the generosity of all of our donors.

Without the donors, many students – including myself, would not be attending TU. I would not be about to graduate!

I’m so grateful that donors like mine can give back to the community and allow those with ambition to continue on with the university they love. I hope that one day I can continue that generosity for future generations of TU.

Below is a picture of the (delicious) glacier chocolates that we received.

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