Burnt During Exam: Episode One


Sitting in a computer lab taking an exam and suddenly the fire alarm goes off. What? We all look around. What’s happening? Is this real? I thought I had seen an email about some security stuff going on on campus today so I was like, ya know, this is probably what it is.

Professor leaves the room to check what’s going down. When he comes back in, he tells us we have to leave, they’re evacuating the building. GREAT.

Making our way down the flights of stairs to the first floor, the smell of smoke and burning grows stronger. Shouldn’t we be freaking out or running? Nah. It’s all good. Let’s take our time 🙂

Outside, we begin gathering around on the sidewalk between the business college and the other building I always forget the actual name of… This lady from the management department was like, hey, we need to go over to the large grass area. We get over there, we’re still pretty close to the building and we’re not in the grass by the way…

Within about 5 minutes, we are back in the room and finishing our test. Did I do okay on that test? MEH.

At least my brain does not feel fried 🙂

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