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Currently fifth week of class (Accounting Information Systems), sixth week of internship (Accounting). Both are going okay, nothing spectacular. I am excited about learning to make a database that I can implement in the real world someday in class. In my internship, I get to learn stuff about the oil and gas industry which seems valuable to me considering that’s probably what I’ll end up in (for a while at least).

I’ve been battling SOMETHING like a virus. It hit me hard Saturday (three days ago) which sent me to Urgent Care only to get to the door and read a sign that they had closed early due to high patient volume – whoa. Went back on Sunday morning and waited HOURS…. They did a strep and flu test, had neither, but I was able to get Tamiflu anyway and that helped tremendously. I’m feeling pretty good! I’ve gotten a very runny nose today…so I guess that’s something I can deal with – just annoying.

Being sick and feeling awful all over, I missed some prime days of studying for an exam, one of which I missed yesterday anyway. Today I got that rescheduled and I’m going to be SO ready when that day comes!!

Last night, I could not sleep whatsoever… I finally forced myself off of YouTube at almost midnight (ha, blame YouTube!). I finally watched music videos of Thomas Rhett and some other country videos that I’ve missed. Honestly, most of the time I see music videos, they ruin the song for me because instead of forming my own storyline in my head, I see the video – which is usually completely different and doesn’t even make sense in my opinion. But the ones I viewed last night seemed fine and didn’t mess with my head. XD Out of all this, I started a new playlist called “Romantic Feels” on Spotify. This was going to be specifically country music but… not everything is country that I like! *adds Perfect by Ed Sheeran*

>>currently singing Thomas Rhett songs and disrupting my grandma’s peace<<

I’m currently on the third book of a trilogy (this is a small accomplishment but I’m happy to be able to read while also taking a class and working!) and after this one, I’m hoping to start on this book I got a while back that’s about the women of the Bible. REALLY excited to start that one (out of the million on my shelves to be read and the million more on my to buy and read list…)

GUYS. My birthday is like a week away basically. I’m feeling twenty-twooooooo 🙂

Spring break will be here before I know it and I’ve scheduled to have my senior pictures taken – a.k.a. one of the most exciting moments of being a senior! And a college senior, not a high school senior…

In April, I GET TO SEE THOMAS RHETT IN CONCERT!!! Obviously super thrilled 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

That’s about all I can think that’s “new” with me… I can always make another post, this IS my blog after all 🙂

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