Defended By Christ

The song “Your Love Defends Me” by Matt Maher always reminds me of how I am defended in my life by my savior in Jesus and by the Father. In the song he sings:

You are my joy, You are my song

You are the well, the One I’m drawing from

You are my refuge, my whole life long

Where else would I go?

Surely my God is the strength of my soul

Your love defends me, Your love defends me

And when I feel like I’m all alone

Your love defends me, Your love defends me

Day after day, night after night

I will remember, You’re with me in this fight

Although the battle, it rages on

The war already won

I know the war is already won

Galatians 3:23 says, “Before the way of faith in Christ was available to us, we were placed under guard by the law. We were kept in protective custody, so to speak, until the way of faith was revealed.

In Isaiah 42:6 the Lord says “I will take you by the hand and guard you, and I will give you to my people, Israel, as a symbol of my covenant with them.” This chapter in Isaiah in all is a good one because it’s titled The Lord’s Chosen Servant where He kind of tells us how a servant of God would be/act. And He defends his servants! If you are doing God’s work and you’re following Jesus, you will have a defender in Him, He loves you and He provides for you!

Psalms 34:7 ties in with Isaiah 42 because it is written “For the angel of the Lord is a guard; he surrounds and defends all who fear him.” Or in Exodus 14:14 that says “The Lord himself will fight for you. Just stay calm.


Psalms 27:1 tells us that “The Lord is my light and my salvation – so why should I be afraid? The Lord is my fortress, protecting me from danger, so why should I tremble?” He defends you in all things, He is there and protects you even in the face of danger. There’s no reason to not only feel alone, but to feel afraid. Who would ever stand up against God and succeed?

Some songs that also come to mind that you might want to take a listen to are:

“Our God” by Chris Tomlin

And if Our God is for us, then who could ever stop us?
And if our God is with us, then what can stand against?

“Lift Me Up” by The Afters

You lift me up when I am weak
Your arms wrap around me
Your love catches me so I’m letting go
You lift me up when I can’t see
Your heart is all that I need
Your love carries me so I’m letting go

“The God I know” by Love & The Outcome

He is more than just a rescue
That’s where it starts
Not where it ends, let freedom in
More than just a story, in the sky, wearing white
He’s alive, in every moment

“The Lion and the Lamb” by Big Daddy Weave

Our God is the Lion, the Lion of Judah
He’s roaring with power and fighting our battles
And every knee will bow before You
Our God is the Lamb, the Lamb that was slain
For the sin of the world, His blood breaks the chains
And every knee will bow before the Lion and the Lamb

“Eye of the Storm” by Ryan Stevenson

In the eye of the storm
You remain in control
And in the middle of the war
You guard my soul
You alone are the anchor
When my sails are torn
Your love surrounds me 
In the eye of the storm

God is the most powerful and no matter what we go through on Earth, no matter how huge it may seem, God will defend you and protect you.

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