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First off, I want to express my deepest apologies for not posting sooner amid my chaotic life as well as my gratitude to my many fans and followers of my blog and my social media outlets. You all are awesome and I hope you continue to read and enjoy my posts.

Pictured below are current things I am working with. The Bible, what I look at throughout the week, whether in this hard copy or through my Bible app on my phone. “A Lineage of Grace” is what I am finally going to be able to read now since I have completed a trilogy of books (more talk of this later). And those Lindt Lindor truffles in the back? Yes, those are so good. The new Fudge Swirl kind… I have been pacing myself and have 3 more left after a week of snacking. I’ve tried to eat one a day but some days, you just need an extra truffle.

And not pictured is the LANco CD I bought late last week that I cannot stop listening toooooooooooo. For those of you who have never heard of them, they are a (somewhat) new country band, for a few years ago and have since released this album and a single from the album. For those who have heard of them, most likely just their song that’s run in the ground on the radio Greatest Love Story, YOU NEED THIS MUSIC IN YOUR LIFE.

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If you decide to give them a listen, here are my (four) favorites (besides Greatest Love Story):

I could be the one you call baby
You could be the one that I love like crazy
Every night ’til the end of forever
The kind of love that only gets better
We could be the one in a million
Butterflies, once in a lifetime feeling

Born again in a church where the steeple’s white
Preacher preach Book of John and my momma cried
Meaning of life was in verse two
Didn’t make sense ’til I found you
I could search the world from south to north
But I’ve already found what I’m looking for
Wherever I go and whatever I do
I was born to love you, I was born to love you
Looking in your eyes, yeah it’s all so clear
Every time you smile, I know why I’m here
Wherever I go and whatever I do
I was born to love you, I was born to love you

So long, so long, so long

It was one night it was once chance when the morning sun came up, came up

It was one night, it was one change when the morning sun came up over the sand

So long

And I probably won’t ever see you again but I’ll always dream of taking your hand

And saying I do, oooo, I do

I heard from a friend of a friend
That you been staying home a lot lately
Just thought you should know you’re not alone
I’ve been driving myself crazy
Thinking about the good times
Back when you were all mine
We were flying so high
Nothing but a blue sky
And my passenger seat misses you with me
I still got that ’04 V6 and I ain’t seeing anyone
I’ll pick up the broken pieces
I can pick you up

The Jesus-Centered Bible is an NLT (New Living Translation) and it has some good summaries and questions to ask when reading through most of the chapters about Jesus and WWJD type stuff. It’s really great if you’re looking for a new Bible or just wanting an extra version laying around for comparisons.

I have been really bad about reading lately. I have like 3 books started at the moment, which includes the one pictured. (I don’t know how I do this, honestly…) Books are like friends to me. I listen to their stories and I’m interested and engaged. Books draw me in just as friends or family does and I become a part of that book’s life. Once the book is over, it’s like someone from my past – something I can talk about and think about again and again to remember the highs and lows of what made that book special.

The book I am going to begin is about women of the Bible and their stories. I’m hoping to share my thoughts of reflection in each of the five stories included in the book.

You’re probably asking yourself… SOOOOOOO why is this blog post named “Blog Full of Awkward” ???


I almost forgot about that, but, luckily… I saved the day and my memory kicked in.

Lately, I’ve felt more awkward than normal. Sometimes, I just go quiet for no apparent reason and people are like Wow, you got serious and it’s not even that. I just have a lot on my mind right now and my brain can’t function properly. I NEED TO EMPTY THINGS FROM MY BRAIN.

I also end up overthinking things like emails, which I have gotten better at by the way! But that subject line? Nope. That takes me soooooo long to come up with, but again, that’s been easier even though I still note that as an awkward point in my life where I’m like umm…. HUH

Another thing is when I make a mistake at work and I end up contacting two people and then realize, nope, that’s not right… and have to contact someone else and tell the first person to forget what I said.

I also randomly gave in and danced VERY SLIGHTLY in my office at work and I was like Oh, oops… >laughing emoji<

OR LIKE NOW – when I have taken my shoes off and only have socks on and try to raise my seat up so it’s more ergonomically comfortable… and I keep sliding around and can’t get anywhere for some reason… STRUGGLING.

Something else that is quite awkward and actually disturbing is how my Accounting Information Systems can be on the couple of chapters that talk about computer fraud and security and right after similar things happen to me. While talking about all of it in class, I’ve been paranoid as it is, but then to have these things affect me personally so soon??? Talk about some paranoia going on folks, yes sir/ma’am.

Enough of my awkwardness for now… I have some homework to do, an executive summary to start on, a book to read, and a truffle to indulge in.

Below is another song that I heard recently that many would enjoy about finding freedom with Jesus.

Your love came crashing into my life (my life), ooh, ooh
High tide
Your grace is washing every wrong right (wrong right)
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
Feel like I’m living for the first time (first time)
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
And now I’m dancing in your light


Thanks for reading!

What are your thoughts on this?

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