16 Personalities – Being an Advocate 

I am an INFJ – surprising, I know. NOT…

On this website, it says under my personality type “Quiet and mystical, yet very inspiring and tireless idealists.” I don’t know if that’s completely accurate but I am quiet and I like to think of myself as inspiring… no? Okay 🙂

This personality type is actually very rare, like meeeeee. And while that’s all cool and all, I have struggles.

“Can burn out easily” is one of the weaknesses on the list and I do find myself growing bored pretty easily of things whether it be games or what I’m doing in life. They describe it in a weird way though (probably just me being tired…) where it also says that INFJs tend to be extremely private. In a way that is true but obviously I have a blog for everyone to view so… not THAT private right??

I don’t think they highlight enough how quiet I am. I do not like talking much anyway, even though I’m sure some people will tell you I talk PLENTY. In general, I like keeping to myself, being in my room on the internet  or reading quietly in a corner or listening to music, as well as sleeping – when it’s nighttime. Speaking in front of groups (particularly professors + class) freaks. me. out. I stutter, I get hot, I forget everything I have rehearsed. Breathing doesn’t help by the way! (Ha) Oxygen levels are fine I guess. Most of the time this situations are group things, occasionally individual presentations, either way, bad idea to shove Summer up in front of the room!

Strengths of my personality are as follows!

  • creative (duhhhhh)
  • insightful (always 🙂 )
  • inspiring and convincing (lol, right)
  • decisive (me? not with everything…)
  • determined and passionate (fairly great amount yes)
  • altruistic (I’d say so yeah)

When I took this test in my business class, we had to write a short paper that describes the relationship between our personality and career path. Here’s an important excerpt from that paper that was written like 2 or 3 years ago that I find still accurate of myself:

“According to the description of my possible career paths, it shows that many with my personality struggle to even begin a career early on due to their view of so many different paths they could take. I feel this is precise as I changed what I wanted to do up until I entered college. There are many things I could put my efforts and passionate mind into that are quite different paths. Ultimately, my goals have always been to be happy and content with either a company or with my own business using my principles and understanding as a person. I hope to never settle just for the money or something of that nature. I want to know that I what I do truly benefits someone and that I’m helping in some way, as well as know that the company I may work for is also being fair and that I can easily agree with how they handle things throughout the company. In that last area, I do believe that it means I want to feel proud of the company I work for, not just because of bragging rights, but that is what I would want anyone to feel wherever they work.”

Moving on to other sides of my personality… Being a perfectionists and picky! Yes, that’s me. It also talks about relationships and such, so true, I am very picky and also don’t back down from what I want and what I believe – can’t handle it? Move along 🙂

In relationships and friendships both, I need “authenticity and sincerity,” “INFJs seek out people who share their passions, interests and ideologies, people with whom they can explore philosophies and subjects that they believe are truly meaningful.”

Whoa, parenthood? If that ever happens… can’t wait! I’m sure it’ll be a great experience, even through all the rough patches that come with parenthood.

After rereading and relearning about myself through this post, I’m excited once again to see where I end up in life and what struggles I’ll face next thanks to this rare personality.


clicking on the link above takes you to the 16 personalities website where you, too, can find out more about yourself!


What are your thoughts on this?

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