If you’re new and do not know me very well, here’s something a lot of people don’t know anyway! So it’s fair. I actually say “You’re a lamb” quite often. CRAZY, I know. Just kidding, it’s not crazy! It was at one time but no longer!

Some time back I was like… where did I hear this from? Why do I say this? I’ve said it for so long, it’d be hard to stop, so why bother ๐Ÿค”

Then I remembered after having a Bible study about the lamb of God as well as hearing songs like Lion and the Lamb (by Big Daddy Weave), Lamb of God (by Vertical Worship), or Jesus (by Chris Tomlin), that a lamb has a special meaning to us. A flawless lamb was given as a sacrifice for sins you committed before Jesus. But Jesus, JESUS was the one and only lamb that had to sacrifice for us. He was perfect, a son of God, and lived the life of his father on Earth! He is our lamb!

Lamb defined: a young sheep

 A YOUNG SHEEP. Jesus was the child of God. He was such a lamb!

And when I say “You’re a lamb,” it means you sacrifice yourself or you’re a giving and thoughtful person. Obviously sacrificing in a much less sense here – you’re not going to die on a cross and rise again in 3 days… but hey! You did take time and energy to help me for me to say that and I appreciate you, you’re an Earthly human lamb… not to be confused with the son of God lamb!


Okay, so, wait, does all this mean that the nursery rhyme “Mary had a little lamb” is referring to Virgin Mary and Jesus, who was the Lamb of God, the Lamb that was slain and sacrificed for us sinners? My my my! Have other people known this or have I just stumbled upon a little known fact?? Oh my word!! Talk about new perspective.

Jesus is referred to as a lamb many many many many times in the Bible. Here are a fewwwww places: John 1:29 & 36 (which is a great section to read in full!), 1 Peter 1 (specifically in verse 19, but this is a chapter where you are reminded of the great things God has done for you and what he has called for you to be by believing in Jesus), Revelation 21:23 (as you read this, can you just imagine seeing Jesus in all his glory, blinding by the magnitude of it all? Amazing.)

Pictured is my little lamb! His name is Jamie Crosby โค

What are your thoughts on this?

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