What is this stocking stuffer?

For my mom’s stocking stuffer, my dad got her this (really cool) THING. The question is… WHAT IS IT CALLED? I asked after the box was thrown away and long gone. Working this thing is simple (except for me, so it’s simple to watch it be done in better terms…). If you set the thing on your hand, in your palm, hold it, the green liquid inside will travel to the top of the glass container and will stay there unless you hold or touch the top of the glass. IS THAT NOT THE COOLEST THING EVER?

So in an attempt to find this fine product… he told me he got it at Walgreen’s. So… *searches Walgreens.com and app* NOTHING. I also figured it was made by their gift brand which is Dashing fine gifts but NOTHING. Not knowing what the thing is called to begin with makes it really hard to look up in general, so maybe it’s not made by the Walgreen’s gift brand. NO IDEA.

If you know what this is called, it would help my brain stop thinking about it 🙂

What are your thoughts on this?

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