What’s up with all these dentists??

I’m sure you all have seen the many franchised dentist establishments around town such as 360 Dental, Aspen Dental, My Dentist and Dental Depot, to name the ones that come to mind. Why franchise dentistry? WHY?

Maybe this is a question of the day as well…

Anyway, I suppose I am one of those traditional people who prefer to go into my primary dentist and see the same man or woman every time. Like my dentist… his dentistry is his name. As was my pediatric dentist. I appreciate going and seeing the same dentist, who over time just knows my name and asks about my life and such, typical things. If I go in to a dentistry where I get a different person every time, I have to explain my life story all over again (exaggeration but you get my drift).

I just don’t get it. Plus, same as fast food places, some are just better than others so if someone asks you what dentist you go to, you have to say like “Aspen Dental, but the one on 41st” and that’s just so much more lame than saying a dentist’s name because then it’s specific and there’s usually only one of those, which makes it easier to Google 🙂

What are your thoughts on this?

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