Christmas 2017 Recap!

I am currently on “winter break,” that short 3 to 4 week break from classes in between the fall and spring semesters? Yeah, THAT thing. It’s going pretty well! Speeding by though…

So here we are at the 26th of December and my life is consisting of Hallmark Christmas movies (plus some random ion television channel Christmas movies…?), reading, and playing these stupid games on my phone… one is Word Crossy and the other is Bubble Shooter (which is currently frustrating me, so good luck if you choose this game in the future), in case you’re that interested. Currently, I am reading The Ladies of Ivy Cottage by Julie Klassen, my favorite author. This is the second book in the Ivy Hill series, which has been absolutely wonderful so far, in all the mystery and historical romance, ahhh. I love it. I love her writing AND THEY NEED TO TURN THEM IN TO MOVIES.


Christmas… man. SO SURPRISED. My parents, through the help of connections, purchased me tickets to go see Thomas Rhett in concert in April!!! #LifeChangesTour yesssssss, I’ll be there. SO freaking happy. He is the single person I would ever go see in concert. I will suffer through being in a crowd for him (other than Jesus’ return, of course), which is saying a looooot. I AM SO EXCITED. Can you say best Christmas ever? (And best parents ever?)

Whoa, so after that, I guess, there’s not much else to tell…


We got snow here in the Sooner State. It was pretty magical. Started out being “flurries” and then ya know, people can’t handle it here and so the wrecks started happening and it was a pretty big deal around these parts (the news makes it out to be worse than it is). It was good packing snow, which is a bonus because most of the time it’s not… although I failed to make a snowman. My bad.

I was planning to write a little story but with my schedule and my addiction to reading and being distracted by life (aka, work and family) writing times are few and far between. If it happens… I will update you. Which will probably be in the summer of 2018, if at all. It’s probably going to be a bookstore romance, since I LOVE being in a bookstore, obviously. Maybe.

I hope you had a safe and special Christmas this year and that you have a great start to 2018!!

Blog Updates: I have adjusted the upcoming events and current countdown, not huge events but I DO WHAT I CAN. If you have any suggestions or would like to send your feedback, find my survey in one of my recent blog posts where you can leave those comments. Thank you!

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